“During the five months Jen worked for me, she helped take my business to a new level. I’m sure her professionalism, communications skills, speed, and expertise as a virtual assistant is among the best in the industry.”
Dr. Laura Bush, Peacock Proud Press

“If you show Jennifer the process one time or give her little guidance, she will run with it and improve it along the way. Her ability to document processes and procedures is best-in-class. Jen would be an asset to any team!”
– Melissa Guttman, via LinkedIn

“…I have never seen anyone execute so many tasks, offer so much support and be as reliable as Jen. She is a true leader and influences others with positivity and thoughtfulness. I would recommend Jen to assist in any organization or project that interests her, as she would be a true asset.”
– James Jackson, via LinkedIn

“Jen is an extremely organized and collaborative person. She has an innate intuition on what needs to happen next, typically with little or no direction provided her. She is personable and delivers a high quality of work no matter the task. Jen is a creative thinker and has a knack of bringing both sides of the table together to ensure completion of thoughts and ideas despite the teams differing perspectives. Jen is great to work with!”
– David Oneill, via LinkedIn

“Jennifer has impeccable skills as a communicator; she is a savvy and an engaging personality who would be a strong addition to any office. She also has strong writing skills and can be entrusted with handling public communication and relations responsibilities such as events planning, as well as marketing and public relations.”
– Emily Gersema, via LinkedIn

“Jen is a very reliable self-starter who is passionate about doing the best job she can. She is a quick learner and great at working independently.”
– Alyson White, via LinkedIn

“Jennifer is very well organized, diligent and detail oriented. She has been very helpful by researching various topics, offering her opinions, taking on responsibility for projects, and seeing them through. She was a pleasure to work with.”
– Jon Dubauskas, via LinkedIn